Paid sick leave in New York

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In New York, the city and state have different laws regarding paid sick leave. There is no legislative mandate in the state at large to provide any sort of leave, paid or unpaid, for workers who are ill. However, businesses operating in the five boroughs of the city have a legal obligation to give time off to any of their employees who need it for any major ailment or physical condition. This would include leave while the worker was assisting in health-related issues for their family members.

Every employee in New York City is covered by this law, including domestic workers who have been employed by the same individual or organization for more than a year. If they work for a business that has at least five employees, then they will receive 40 hours of paid time off. However, if the business or individual employing them have fewer than five people working for it, then they are under no obligation to pay them while they are off. The worker may still have their 40 hours of unpaid leave. The leave time accrues to the employee at the rate of one hour for every 30 hours worked.

Physical and mental health care issues are both eligible for paid leave in the city. The worker may also take time off to help with any member of their immediate family that needs medicine-related help, including a child whose school has been closed for reasons of public health.

New York workers who feel that they have encountered unfair pay practices or other employer-related legal irregularities may decide to consult with an attorney about venues for obtaining fair compensation. An attorney can suggest legal remedies, from contacting appropriate supervisory agencies to filing a lawsuit against the employer.

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