NY Mets and team co-owner face discrimination suit

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The New York Mets say that they fired a female senior executive on Aug. 20 because she failed to meet sales targets, but the former senior vice president claims that she was shown the door because her decision to have a child out of wedlock offended the team’s co-owner. The woman filed a lawsuit against both the Mets organization and the team’s co-owner on Sept. 10, seeking damages for harassment and discrimination.

The woman claims in her lawsuit that her working environment changed markedly after she became pregnant. She says that it was made clear to her that further advancement within the organization would not be possible unless she married. The team’s co-owner is singled out in the lawsuit due to his alleged outspoken criticism of her lifestyle choices. The woman also says that she was advised to resign her position when she reported the harassment using the appropriate channels within the organization.

The woman claims that she rejected a severance package offered by the Mets because it was contingent on her not bringing a legal action against the organization. The New York Mets responded by issuing a statement denying the allegations made in the lawsuit. The statement went on to say that the Mets organization does not tolerate discrimination of any kind in the workplace.

Federal and state laws protect employees from discrimination in the workplace, but many victims of harassment are reluctant to pursue legal remedies. An attorney with employment law experience may be able to explain the steps involved in taking a legal stand against unfair and illegal practices in the workplace. They may also be able to offer a candid assessment of the strengths of a potential harassment lawsuit and its likelihood of a successful outcome.

Source: Sports Illustrated, “Ex-Mets employee files discrimination lawsuit against Jeff Wilpon, team“, September 10, 2014

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