Disabled retail employee sues for alleged harassment

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination

New York workers might be interested in a recent ruling on a discrimination case filed against a national big-box department store. An employee in Houston has recently sued Target Corporation, alleging retaliation, disability discrimination and race and color discrimination. An Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint, which had not yet benefited the employee, was filed before the man took the case to court.

The man filing the suit suffers from unspecified degrees of autism and dyslexia as well as mobility-limiting surgical implants in his back. The lawsuit alleges that a staff predominantly belonging to one race relegated the plaintiff, who is a member of another race and who had been employed with the company since 1993, to constant menial work and shuffled his schedule, which enhanced the difficulties he faced due to his disabilities.

The plaintiff alleges that he was seriously harassed from 2009 onward, and the abuse escalated into false accusations and other behavior after he reported the behaviors to the company’s human resources department. A second attempt to counter the alleged mistreatment led to a substantial shortening of his weekly schedule that cost him his benefits. The worker is seeking damages remuneration for a number of damages from the company in court.

An individual who believes he or she has been targeted for abusive, discriminatory behavior may be able to hold an employer liable in a civil hearing. An attorney could aid a plaintiff in establishing a valid case by conducting research through investigators into the allegedly hostile environment. Subpoenaing a business for supervisors’ reports may yield useful information in some disability discrimination claims.

Source: Southeast Texas Record, “Target sued by employee who cites racial, disability discrimination in the workplace“, Matt Russell, July 29, 2014

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