Male employee in New York sues for sexual harassment

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An employee at a communications company in New York has filed a sexual harassment suit against two of his former female workers for allegedly making him feel like a male sex object at the Manhattan public relations firm where he was employed.

The male employee alleges the female coworkers were relentless and aggressive in subjecting him to lewd and inappropriate sexual behavior including groping, and pressuring him to have sexual relations with them. The man, who is African American says the two white women tormented him endlessly and propositioned him on the job during his 7-month stint there. The communications company is a small startup Internet media corporation.

The 41-year-old claimant’s works as a $35,000 a year account coordinator, who frequently had to collaborate on several projects with one of the female managers who harassed him. The female was also one of the company’s founders. He alleges the woman would send him crude and embarrassing text messages requesting sexual encounters with him and at one point placed a banana with a condom over it with inappropriate sexual messages written on it.

The second woman allegedly made inappropriate sexual comments about him and offered unsolicited, intimate details of her sexual encounters with black and Hispanic men, to whom she was partial.

The man’s supervisor had recently complimented him on his good work, but after three attempts to complain to the boss about the coworkers’ inappropriate behavior, the account coordinator was let go. His current lawsuit is asking for lost wages, emotional distress, punitive damages and lost benefits. His potential win could run into seven figures.

While many feel woman are the victims of sexual harassment on the job, men can also suffer the same indignity. Regardless of your race, color, gender, or ethnicity, you should never be uncomfortable due to inappropriate sexual innuendoes or behavior on the job. Nor should you be terminated if you complain. These are blatant violations of your rights on the job and you should seek assistance on how to protect these rights at your place of employment.

Source: Michigan Chronical, “Fired P.R. Employee Claims Sexual Harassed By Two Female Coworkers” Ruth Manuel-Logan, Feb. 28, 2014

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