Ex-aides lodge sexual harassment complaints against assemblyman

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Three former aides of an upstate New York assemblyman have filed complaints of sexual harassment, accusing him of inappropriate sexual behavior and use of sexually explicit comments in their presence. They state he wanted to seek the services of local massage parlors and share a hotel room.

The charges against the Buffalo assemblyman are not the first round of complaints against members of the assembly, jeopardizing the leadership of their speaker, a Manhattan Democrat.

The aides, all in their 30’s, state they were subjected to offensive work environment, and according to legal representatives, are seeking compensation. They state the behavior of the assemblyman was so repugnant, it caused them to quit working with him.

One young woman claimed the Democratic assemblyman took her to a massage parlor during her first week on the job. Another stated he gave her expensive gifts. The third said he offered her $100 raise to leave her fiancé and follow him to western New York.

The women stated they were subjected to countless sexual stories of prostitutes, strip clubs and other sexually explicit adventures. One legal spokesperson called the allegations “disturbing” and that they go against the assembly philosophy of the a guaranteed safe and respectful workplace. The allegations are being taken very seriously.

A statement from a county Democratic party chairman suggested the assembly member resign immediately to avoid further embarrassment to himself and the community.

The assemblyman, aged 62, was elected in 2006 after serving as town supervisor in a small city east of Buffalo. He has two children with his wife of 30 years. He could not be reached for comment.

Sexual harassment on the job is a serious offense plaguing both men and women. The workplace should be a safe place, free from sexual misconduct. Offenders should be held to serious consequences, and victims should be awarded compensation.

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