Lend America - Unpaid Overtime

Shulman & Kessler LLP has filed a class action lawsuit against Ideal Mortgage Bankers, Ltd. d/b/a Lend America, Michael Ashley and Michael Primeau, a mortgage bank which provides mortgage banking services to customers throughout the United States, alleging that Lend America violated federal and state overtime laws (Fair Labor Standards Act "FLSA" or New York State Labor Law) by failing to pay overtime to their employees who worked in excess of forty hours per week.

The plaintiffs are current and former employees of Lend America who regularly worked in excess of forty hours per week at Lend America's Melville, Long Island, New York office.

The case is formally titled Yatkowitz, et. al. v. Lend America, Inc., et. al., is pending in the United State District Court, Eastern District of New York, under docket number 07CV4301 and is assigned to District Court Judge Leonard D. Wexler and Magistrate Judge E. Thomas Boyle.

If you worked for Lend America and wish to participate in this matter, or would otherwise like to discuss this matter, please contact Troy L. Kessler.